Flooring: Add Spark to Your Bathroom Without Disturbing Your Budget

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Everyone desires to adapt to the changes in trend whether they belong to clothing or house; in fact, it is imperative whether or not you like it to maintain your status in the society. The foremost factor that helps others judge you is your appearance and your house. These two factors tell a lot about you. The era is gone when homes seem to be simple. In modern world, people make their homes splendid just not to keep up with the joneses but also relax in a splendid comfortable adobe.

Even a little improvement may lighten up your home. Even though you do not have budget to refurbish your home, you can take out home improvement loans in Ireland, but before you hit the ground running, you should know which part must be amended first. If you lack funds to have your complete home remodeled, you should improve kitchen and bathroom.

Bathroom is a place where you unwind; you get relieved from stress and tension. Surroundings of your bathroom must be appealing to make the most of your personal time. Even if you have no idea about decors and you do not want to consult interior decorators, you can transform it by laying new flooring. Here are some types of flooring that you choose as per your budget.

Marble Flooring

Forget corner-to-corner white tiles; instead lay down marble flooring. Luxurious and shining look will enliven your dull bathroom. Choose the color that contrasts against the paint of the bathroom walls. Make sure the colors of walls are soothing and light. Marble flooring is hard wearing, making it more affordable than tiles in the long run. However, they do have some limitations. This flooring requires higher maintenance. It can be more expensive than tiles and it requires regular cleaning.

Vinyl Tile

Resistance and durability make these tiles as the best option for bathroom flooring. Luxurious vinyl tiles may cost you a bit high, yet they are cheaper than marble flooring. These tiles work well with underfloor heating. They are thinner than marble, which makes easy installation of them. They are highly durable and available in wood and marble effect. You must bear in mind that installation needs to be a job of the specialist. Make sure that tiles are laid down leaving no gaps. Otherwise, you should use silicon sealant to fill gaps.

Ceramic Tiles

If you are thinking to change your bathroom flooring, you should use ceramic tiles. These tiles have longer life in comparison to other flooring materials.  Moreover, they are resistant to moisture. Since bathroom is the wettest area of the house, these tiles will be the best choice.

These tiles are hard wearing, impermeable, easy to clean, resistant to stains, lightweight and easy to lay down. Ceramic tiles can be either glazed or unglazed. The former do not need to be sealed but the latter requires to be sealed. You should prefer the glazed ceramic tiles because unglazed are susceptible to chipping.

Engineering Wood

Engineering wood is highly recommended over solid wood because they are resistant to high moisture. If you want to spruce up your bathroom with wooden elements, you should opt for engineering wood. However, they are also prone to damage.

The Bottom Line

Choose the flooring option that fits your budget. Make sure that you do not go for solid hardwood and carpeting flooring. Carpet flooring absorbs moisture very fast and therefore, they are not suitable for bathrooms. Solid hardwood does not withstand moisture. Small amount of water can sweep into the flooring and deteriorate it. If you do not have enough savings to have your bathroom flooring repaired, take out a home improvement loan by making a well-researched selection of the lender.

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